Product Profile: Plumbspec Mildred Valve

The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve is an electronic automated shut off valve for the mains water supply to your hot water service in the event of a leak.

Designed for internally installed hot water systems, the Mildred Valve’s smart sensor detects water pooling and immediately shuts off water supply and audibly alerting the home occupier to aid in the prevention of flooding, water damage and further damage to your property.

Proudly, the Plumbspec® Mildred Valve has been designed, engineered, and built right here in Australia to meet the requirements of AS/NZS3500.4:2003 and ATS5200.476.

Watermark approved and designed with Evolve’s plumber first philosophy, the versatile Plumbspec® Mildred Valve allows for installation on any angle and any height up to 600mm from the safetray floor thanks to the robust contact based sensor trip mechanism.

Featuring long-lasting battery operation, there is no requirement for any connection to mains power. The visual and audible alarms will alert the users to multiple trip modes allowing the plumbing professional to easily reset the unit with a single button. When it comes to safety and installation, the Mildred Valve is simply the best device for the plumbing professional.

The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve has 1/2” male ends with included copper olives and nuts. Plumbers can install the Mildred Valve straight out of the box using the supplied fittings, or alternatively, it can be modified to the plumber’s preferred way of installation such as flare, plastic, or crox, by fitting the desired fitting to adapt.

The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve is yet another innovative product solution by the Evolve Group and is the latest in the new range of Evolve’s Plumbspec® plumbing product series.

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