Case Study for WRP Mine Site in Ouyen Victoria

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Branch: Evolve Group Pty Ltd

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Solution group: Evo-Crete

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Project name or title: WRP Mine Site in Ouyen Victoria

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Customer name: Pengelly Electrical

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Contact name: Dustin Pengelly

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Case Study for WRP Mine Site in Ouyen Victoria

Situation & Solution

Pengelly Electrical are electrical contractors, working in the fields of agriculture, commercial and mining.

In early 2012 they gained the contract to build the electrical pipeline for the Woornack, Rownack and Pirro (WRP) mine site in Ouyen, Victoria. Pengelly were advised the mine were planning on using solid concrete for the 600m of cable to be built. The cable was being built for a temporary setup of three years.

Pengelly had initial concerns of safety, time constraints and the lifting and handling involved in working with concrete. As such his team searched for a solution and one team member suggested Evo-Crete and the process was undertaken as follows:

08.03.12 – Initial Call received from Pengelly Electrical regarding interest in Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks.
09.03.12 – Design reviewed in line with job requirements.
13.03.12 – Quote on final design supplied.
20.03.12 – Purchase Order received.
20.03.12 – Tooling fabrication commenced.
23.03.12 – Tooling fabrication completed.
24.03.12 – Trial run completed.
25.03.12 – Production run commenced.
26.03.12 – Shipment left Brisbane bound for country Victoria.
31.03.12 – Shipment arrived at WRP Mine Site.
01.04.12 – Blocks positioned and tray laying commenced.
02.04.12 – Installation continues.
03.04.12 – Installation complete.

Pengelly used the standard large Cable Ladder Blocks (300x545x300mm) for WRP mine project.


Pengelly Electrical found cost savings through a number of avenues using Evo-Crete. No need to hire a crane provided a major saving as no slinging was required. The Blocks were lightweight enough for two people to move safely and comfortably. Savings were also found through reduced labour requirements as less bodies were needed to complete the job. Another benefit Pengelly found was the ability to move the blocks easily in larger quantities, i.e. whereas a pallet could only usually carry 10 concrete blocks on a pallet, more Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks could be transported at once.

The highlighted weight advantages also transferred to occupational health and safety benefits with manual handling risks reduced.

Pengelly Electrical also found it easy to screw into the blocks when necessary. For this project, a job that would usually take weeks, took only days.

Ty Hermens, Managing Director

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