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Evolve Group Wins 2017 Good Design® Award for Poolrite innoSphere

The Good Design Awards Ceremony on June 8 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) in Sydney announced Evolve Group the winner of 2017 Good Design Award for Poolrite innoSphere. After an extensive evaluation process involving more than 35 design experts including 244 entries, the Jury awarded Evolve Group’s Poolrite innoSphere this years design award in Product Design: Hardware and Building category.

Evolve Group Wins 2016 Good Design® Selection for TRED Pro

TRED Pro by Evolve Group has received a 2016 Good Design Selection® in Product Design for the Automotive and Transport category.

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Evolve Group Wins 2016 Good Design Award® of the Year

We did it! Evolve Group are so excited to announce winning the prestigious Good Design Australia Award of the Year 2016!

Flow Hive took out this year’s top award for its beehive technology which delivers a glass of honey per week without needing to crack open a hive. As bees become threatened from the increasing use of pesticides, inventors Cedar Anderson and Stuart Anderson managed to come up with a way to bring beekeeping to our backyards in a way that is easy to manage and use.

Through Evolve Group’s focus in optimising product design for manufacturing, Evolve were able to support and keep the production of the amazing Flow Hive product in Australia. Since late 2015 we have produced more than 20 million parts in our Brisbane new product development facility, and have shipped finished product to over 128 different countries around the globe. Not to mention the huge positive impact on global bee keeping efforts and bee populations.

To put this in perspective, Evolve conquered international superstar product submissions from the likes of Tesla, Google, Ford, Miele, Nespresso, Pepsi, Braun, Ryobi and hundreds more to win the top award.

This is an amazing success story for Australian design and manufacturing and puts Brisbane on the global map.

Congrats again to all of the other winning entries and we are looking forward to the year ahead and our next challenge.

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Evolve Group Wins 2015 Good Design® Award for TuffBlock & Retract-a-Float

We’re delighted to share that the Evolve Group took out two from the two nominated awards at the 2015 Australian Good Design Awards held in Sydney on the 29th of May. The Evolve Group won a Good Design Award in the Hardware & Building category for the TuffBlock, and a Good Design Award in the Sport & Lifestyle category for the Retract-a-Float.

Evolve was chosen from a strong field of over 150 Australian and international entries which qualified for Good Design® Selection. The benchmark for selection was set very high this year with entries having to satisfy the criteria for good design including: Form, Function, Safety, Sustainability, Quality, Commerciality and Innovation.

The TuffBlock is made of high strength closed loop recycled polyolefin material with an ultra high UV rating. Designed with a ventilated underside to prevent moisture buildup and deter termites. TuffBlock’s are the only block product that are able to be secured to the post/bearer for extra stability.

The Retract-a-Float is a simple solution to a myriad of problems. Crab pot floats have become synonymous with masses of knots and tangles, ropes being caught up in propellers or tangled in mangroves. Retract-a-Float’s are constructed from high quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant engineer grade polypropolene and keep 7 metres of rope neatly coiled under tension within the float itself, only uncoiling enough to keep the float directly above the pot.

The Australian Good Design Awards judges provide a global benchmark of design excellence. Local judges are joined by international design experts, all from highly reputable organisations across all disciplines of product design and development.

The entries can be viewed online, links below:

Most Innovative Companies List

Evolve Group ranked in AFR’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List 2016

Design and manufacturing firm Evolve Group has been named in the Australian Financial Reviews Top 50 Most Innovative Companies, and was also awarded the coveted Best Product Innovation for their work with inventive beehive system Flow Hive.

Managing Director Ty Hermans said he is very excited about the win and what this means for the Evolve Group as well as the design and manufacturing industry in Australia.

“It is a great feeling to be featured on the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list and is a reflection of the hard work we put into making sure we are delivering true innovation for our clients,” Mr Hermans said.

“Our team lives and breathes innovation and this mind set is what’s helped us to continue to grow and deliver unique products to market.”

Evolve Group was responsible for the design for manufacture and design optimisation of the Flow Hive system as well as the end to end fulfilment of the global orders, all from their product development facility on Brisbane’s Southside.
Mr Hermans said Flow Hive is just one example of the results they have achieved by embracing innovation and making it a core element of their business and encouraging a culture of innovation in the workplace.

“Australia has such a rich history of innovation, and we are fortunate enough to at the coal face working with great Australian companies to bring some of the most cutting-edge ideas and products to life,” Mr Hermans said.

“We work closely with our clients right from the initial concepting through to the design process and manufacturing, and final stage of successfully launching to market.”

As a result of having such a hands-on approach with their clients, Evolve has an impressive record of successfully launching all of the products they have partnered on to market.

Keen disrupters, Evolve Group have also utilised innovative tactics to launch products through crowdfunding campaigns to build consumer excitement for new products.

Evolve Group was established in 2006 by Ty Hermans, a 33-year-old Brisbane-based inventor. Evolve won two awards at the 2015 Good Design Awards and were listed as one of BRW’s 50 most innovative companies of 2014.

Evolve Group ranked in BRW’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List 2014

Evolve Group is proud to be ranked number 38 in the BRW Most Innovative Companies List 2014.

Deck blocks were introduced 25 years ago in the United States and since then instant foundation concrete blocks have been embraced worldwide for creating strong and stable foundations for both professional and DIY projects.

The Evolve Group set out to solve the challenge of designing an instant foundation system to replace heavy concrete blocks used in the floating foundation deck block system.

This year, The Evolve Group developed the TuffBlock: an ultra durable, ultra lightweight (20 times lighter than concrete blocks), low profile and 100 per cent recyclable polyolefin foundation block. An individual TuffBlock can support over 770 kilograms and weights under one kilogram.

View the full list here of BRW Most Innovative Companies 2014.

Ty Hermens, Managing Director

“Our ability to take innovative product ideas and turn them into real revenue is what sets us apart.”


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