“Whenever you look at any potential merger or acquisition, you look at the potential to create value for your shareholders.”

– Dilip Shanghvi

If you have a potential merger, acquisition or divestment opportunity you would like to discuss please get in touch today.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Evolve Group have a history of investment, Mergers and Acquisitions dating back to 2006 when Ty Hermans first founded Evolve (then Polyslab).

In addition to Evolve’s outbound services, Evolve Group manages a large and diverse proprietary product and IP portfolio, spanning several industries. This rapidly expanding portfolio and future development pipeline is cultivated via Evolve’s proprietary metrics system, delivering a 100% success rate in commercialisation. Evolve’s proprietary product development pipeline is currently estimated at more than $200m AUD in annual sales.

It is this ever growing New Product Portfolio that drives much of Evolve’s M&A activity. Evolve’s speciality and focus has always been to design, develop and identify opportunities whereby it can commercialise and incubate product assets, until such time as it makes commercial sense to divest of these assets to a new owner better placed to continue the assets rapid growth.

It is a very unique model that continues to create great value to Evolve, but moreover exists to support our customers and investors. Our customers are great supporters as they require a constant and ever changing supply of new products for their retail clients. Our investors and industry partners are also always looking inbound to Evolve for their next growth opportunity. Evolve also enjoys the opportunity to help other companies grow through great product acquisitions.

Our corporate responsibility extends to all stakeholders: employees, communities, environment.