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Evolve Group designs tools to take your product to market.

At the heart of every tool is design for manufacture.  We build tools that are price paired to suit your product in its lifecycle, whether you need a low cost tool to launch a new product, or a high-volume, high-efficiency tool for an established part.

Additionally we can manufacture low-cost prototype tools to run a small run of parts to allow you to test a market.

When planning your tooling we also take into account end-of-arm tooling for our robots which reduces the intervention required to take your molded parts out of the machine, which reduces the cost of your molded parts overall.

Robust, economical tooling

Evolve Group’s toolmaking facilities include CNC machining centers; CNC lathes, CNC EDM, welding and wire cut facilities as well as a range of general toolmaking equipment. The extensive facilities and experienced skilled tradesmen, enable manufacture of quality injection moulds, press tools and blow moulds. Tool design and tool steel selection is considered in the framework of the tooling and product application to ensure optimum tool performance and life.

Tooling manufacture is efficient and precise with CAD files being downloaded to CNC machine programmers. From there, sophisticated CAM software is used to generate tool-cutting paths. CAM programs are fed directly to CNC machining centers and lathes.

Job flow in the toolroom is directed and monitored to ensure tool manufacture is undertaken according to design, and within committed delivery lead-times.

Evolve Group’s toolroom is located in the same premises as, but physically separated from, its plastic injection moulding operation. This provides the advantage of allowing quick and efficient mould modifications, and refurbishment, minimising any unnecessary moulding production down time. An injection mould toolmaker is permanently assigned to the injection moulding department, in order to ensure the best standard in maintenance of customer moulds.

Evolve Group’s in-house design department ensures our customers have the highest standard of component design to minimise component issues.

Our team of experienced designers can guide customers through the concept of a product, development of component design, selection of the most suitable material, and finally tool design. Economic assessments can be made during this process from tooling and moulded component cost estimates.

Whether you need a short run cost effective temporary solution or a long life robust 500,000 shot plus tool we can find a cost effective option to meet your project requirement.

Automated machining with proven results

Evolve Group offers a full range of CNC/EDM precision engineering services, comprising CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe Turning, EDM Wire Cutting and EDM Eroding. Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) programs are programmed from a customers 2D or 3D CAD file. CAM programs are then directly downloaded to one of our CNC machines for automated machining.

Automated workflow, and fast feed rates allow us to machine components efficiently and accurately for quick turn arounds.

A wide range of materials such as aluminium, steel, hardened tool steel, stainless steel cast iron, brass, copper, polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, PET, nylon and more can be machined to suit your needs.

Evolve Group is an experienced Precision Technology Manufacturer specialising in precision tooling, automated manufacturing equipment, and prototypes requiring close tolerance. Our wire cut EDM services are perfect for tooling assemblies and EDM intensive component parts.

Our staff of experienced machining professionals can assist you in solving the most challenging CNC machining and manufacturing tasks from complex 3-D machining to simple hole drilling and punching.

Reverse engineering is also offered to create innovative repair options to create the best possible outcomes for your business and to keep you going. Simply chat to use about your requirements and the team at Evolve will work with you to refine and improve your item.

Ty Hermens, Managing Director

“Our ability to take innovative product ideas and turn them into real revenue is what sets us apart.”


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