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All equipment is designed and engineered to last. Evolve Group rollformers have proven their durability and strength in application, with many years of low maintenance operation. The proof of Evolve Group roll-form equipment quality and performance lies in the depth of its customer base and the on-going business conducted with many customers. In Australia we have developed over 200 machines in the last 37 years.

Evolve Group manufactures roll-forming machines to produce roll-formed products for roofing, rainwater catchment, building construction and industrial applications. Profiles can be selected for gutters, fascias, cladding, battens, purlins and other sections from a wide range of existing profiles.

Rollformers to produce customized profiles and products can be designed and manufactured on request. Likewise, rollformers can be customized to meet specific customer requirements such as multiple size profiles, variations of profiles or feed strip gauge within the same machine, or stacked rollformers.

Control systems can be tailored to suit the product and production parameters. Cut-to-length, batching, hole punching, slotting, pre-cut, stop-to-cut or flying shear can be incorporated in machine control software. Punching stations and shear units are manufactured to suit.

Evolve Group can supply full rollforming lines including powered or unpowered decoilers, straighteners, accumulators and run-out-tables.

Evolve Group also designs and manufactures injection moulding tooling and has a large injection moulding division which can supply plastic moulded components such as gutter end caps and corners.

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