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Australian Made, Quality Plastics

Evolve Group’s plastic injection moulding division utilises a variety of injection moulding machines. The moulding department’s facilities are modern and well-equipped, with machines and support services arranged and installed to maximise production efficiency while maintaining clean operating conditions.

With over 20 injection moulding machines operating 24 hours per day, Evolve Group is able to meet demanding customer lead time requirements. Machine clamp force tonnage ranges from 50 to 1300 tons. All raw material is managed through a centrally feed silo system via an underground drying mechanism into machines to reduce cross contamination and create an optimal product.

Highly skilled and trained moulding staff meet the extremely critical tolerances required by customers of both dimension and colour in high or low volumes. All injection moulding plastic resin applications can be processed, including rigid and flexible injection mouldings and products moulded in more demanding engineering grade resins. Gas-assist injection moulding equipment and experience exists to mould components with this technology.

ISO9001 Quality systems are in place to ensure moulded products are produced to documented customer requirements. QA testing and monitoring of product quality is undertaken throughout production with constant quality auditing to ensure the highest standards are met.

Evolve Group’s warehouse and storage facilities enable safe storage and handling of customer dies and products.

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