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Improving Productivity & Quality

Our organisation provides assembly services across a wide range of products including from simple consumer manufactured items through to complete complex industrial assemblies.

Evolve Group offers robotic automation to keep costs down to give you the competitive edge by improving quality, reducing health and safety issues to improve your processes and reduce operating overheads.

Assembly stations are managed by highly trained Quality Assurance Inspectors who ensure regular auditing for the highest of standards. Your QA needs can be tailored to your product with complete systems implemented to inspect products even hourly and matched to a master sample.

Evolve Group’s automated line assemblies are ideal for high volume quality assembly, saving you time, and keeping you flexible as you only need to assemble as much as your market requirements.

Our team can also work with you to develop purpose built automation robots to match your process needs.

For more sensitive items we also offer manual assemblies within a clean environment.

Ty Hermans, Managing Director

“Our ability to take innovative product ideas and turn them into real revenue is what sets us apart.”


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