Evolve Professional Partnership Program

As an Evolve Group Referral Partner, we offer you trusted and professional manufacturing and commercialisation expertise so you can stay focused on what you do best and offer your clients the best chance of commercial success.

Through the Evolve Group referral program accountants, attorneys, design studios, engineering firms and other manufacturing businesses can refer their clients to Evolve Group knowing their clients will be dealt with professionally and provided with the solutions they need to commercialise their new product idea.

To help foster these new professional partnerships we have established a very straight forward referral fee payable to the referring party. This is equal to 10% of the total project cost that Evolve Group provides the client (less GST).

We believe the partnership program is an important step in providing Australian individuals and companies the opportunity to access the expertise they need to ensure their product idea has every opportunity to be a commercial success. By partnering together we stand to offer our clients the highest level of service and ensure they receive not only a seamlessly integrated service but also save money by streamlining the process at every stage possible. We have proven this approach over nearly a decade of designing, developing and commercialising our own products globally from our Brisbane based facility.

The Evolve Group team has extensive experience in manufacturing, sourcing, product design, sales, marketing and distribution ensuring your clients have access to the experience you can count on.

Making a referral is easy. Email marketing@evolvegrp.com your lead at any time, or give us a call to discuss potential clients you believe we can offer assistance to.