Our Services

We specialise in turning your product ideas and inventions into a market-ready reality.

Evolve Group is an end-to-end product commercialisation business made up of two divisions, Product Design & Development and Manufacturing based in Brisbane, Australia providing services in product and industrial design, prototyping, supply chain, branding, manufacturing and market distribution.

See our list of capabilities and services below:

  • Product & Industrial Design

    Product & Industrial Design

    Evolve Group can not only offer the ability to produce and distribute your products to its established markets but also offers a full end to end design and development arm that is here to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

    Evolve offers full 3D CAD design through the latest in CAD software as well as in house prototyping to get your product specified to the ideal requirements. This is done using our 3 and 5 axis machining centres along with in-house 3D printing technology and specialised wood and metal machining equipment. Our friendly design team has years of experience in releasing quality, cost effective products to market in a timely fashion with a “customer first” mentality.

  • Prototyping


    Evolve Group's New Product Development division, Evolve NPD work closely with sister company, Marco Engineering to incorporate on-site rapid prototyping facilities with 5 axis CNC machines, 3D printers and specialist machining centres. Our CNC machines are manned by our highly trained staff who are capable of handling a variety of materials and will produce results within standard machining tolerances. On site 3D printers are able to produce parts from a multitude of materials with options to cast in as per production materials.

  • Material Sourcing & Supply

    Material Sourcing & Supply

    Evolve Group are an established supplier of high quality products and materials to a variety of industries within Australia and internationally. We are able to source, test and develop the right material for your project. Please contact us for more information.

  • Custom Mould Manufacturing

    Custom Mould Manufacturing

    Evolve Group continue to pass on significant cost and time savings to customers from around the world though our vast experience and unbeatable contacts in mould design. We source moulds for injection, blow and rotational moulding at highly competitive rates. Through our large network of reliable mould manufacturers, extensive experience and clear communication channels we are able to break down traditional barriers that make off-shore mould sourcing difficult.

    Evolve Group also provide Australian based plastic part manufacturing to clients in Australia and New Zealand. Producing plastic moulded parts can be a costly exercise through the majority of local suppliers; we can beat rates normally quoted for offshore manufacturing (such as South-East Asia) whilst remaining Australian made. Whether it is injection, blow or rotational moulding, we are able to ensure a cost effective and reliable manufacturing or sourcing service. Please contact us for more information.

  • Tool Making

    Tool Making

    Evolve Group's manufacturing division, Marco Engineering’s toolmaking facilities include CNC machining centers; CNC lathes, CNC EDM, welding and wire cut facilities as well as a range of general toolmaking equipment. The extensive facilities and experienced skilled tradesmen, enable manufacture of quality injection moulds, press tools and blow moulds. Tool design and tool steel selection is considered in the framework of the tooling and product application to ensure optimum tool performance and life.

    Tooling manufacture is efficient and precise with CAD files being downloaded to CNC machine programmers. From there, sophisticated CAM software is used to generate tool-cutting paths. CAM programs are fed directly to CNC machining centers and lathes.

    Job flow in the toolroom is directed and monitored to ensure tool manufacture is undertaken according to design, and within committed delivery lead-times.

    Marco Engineering’s toolroom is located in the same premises as, but physically separated from, its plastic injection moulding operation. This provides the advantage of allowing quick and efficient mould modifications, and refurbishment, minimizing any unnecessary moulding production down time. An injection mould toolmaker is permanently assigned to the injection moulding department, in order to ensure the best standard in maintenance of customer moulds.

    Marco Engineering’s inhouse design department ensures our customers have the highest standard of component design to minimize component issues.

    Our team of experienced designers can guide customers through the concept of a product, development of component design, selection of the most suitable material, and finally tool design. Economic assessments can be made during this process from tooling and moulded component cost estimates.

    Whether you need a short run cost effective temporary solution or a long life robust 500,000 shot plus tool we can find a cost effective option to meet your project requirement.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    Through maintaining close relationships with key decision makers at all levels of the supply chain the Evolve Group sales and marketing team is the primary touch point for new business opportunities. Our ability to consistently connect distributors and retailers with high value product solutions is what truly sets us apart.

    Our highly developed sales process and account management strategy lead by our Internal Sales Team allows our Sales Leaders to focus on greenfield opportunities leading us to world class business growth and innovation.

  • Supply Chain & Distribution

    Supply Chain & Distribution

    Deliver your products to your customers faster

    Our facility in Brisbane Australia, in addition to being our manufacturing facility also contains a large distribution warehouse with a capacity of over 1200 pallet spaces. Our customer’s are able to store their product in a clean stable environment all packaged and ready for dispatch.

    Our services include:

    • Pack and pick of orders
    • Fulfillment services including packaging and freight labeling
    • Management of inventory through either our facilities or through our clients
    • Reporting and stocktake
    • Warehousing including rental of space
    By managing your supply chain and distribution, Evolve Group helps you keep your overheads down by reducing assets and becoming more flexible in redirecting your resources. The complete end-to-end process also means that you can focus on building your business without being caught up in meeting customer demand. This leaves you time to focus on what is important, your relationship with your customers.

    Key partnerships

    Key customers may also hold an onsite “incubator” stand-alone office within our facility for those peak periods when your project is ramping up. This low cost option means that you can keep project staff on the ground to work hand-in-hand with our team while still maintaining your own independent space, making it ideal for startups.

    Evolve Group can also provide you with support, logistics and distribution of your products. Speak to our team about how we can create better business efficiencies and help boost your bottom line.

    By having one point of contact Evolve Group can simplify your product’s supply chain processes so you can focus on the big picture. Talk to us today about how we can help you with significant cost and efficiency savings by optimising your supply and distribution chain.

  • Branding


    Brand marketing is the most important element in any small and medium-sized business. We will build you a successful brand to energise sales, boost your credibility and capitalize on market share.

    We can provide professional photography and video services to boost your business image. Our in-house editors are also photographers and business-savvy people who understand your needs.

    Let us do the brainstorming and get your branding done right the first time.

  • Commercialisation


    Probably the most important step in developing an idea is the process of commercialisation.

    All too often a great idea is dragged through the expensive development stages with little thought of how the product will be commercialised.

    From experience, we understand how important the final stages of product development are and we help you develop your product far beyond the way it looks and functions.

    We will ensure the product we help develop has a market, and that we can get it into those markets thus ultimately ensuring you get the return on your investment you deserve.

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Intellectual Property Protection


    With established personal relationships with IP attorneys in Australia and the USA, and vast experience with IP protection worldwide, Evolve NPD can offer your idea protection with experience in patents, trademarks and design registrations.

    Not all IP is about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on patents; IP is a lot more than that. Many ideas are left on the drawing board or don't even make it to market because of bad advice, or where the need to commercialise a project was lost in the quest to secure IP that was unnecessary or impractical. We know how to protect a product in the most cost effective manner and ensure that the most important protection is in place.

  • Funding


    Often the most overlooked stage of product development is funding, yet time and again it is proven to be the most important stage.

    We can assist in this critical stage through referring you to areas of potential grants and assistance through the Australian Government as well as providing services for the development of crowdfunding campaigns (eg. Kickstarter, Indiegogo).

    98% of our clients that have a form of funding in place, progress to the commercial development stage.

  • Manufacturing


    Leading Australia in Injection Moulding, Tool and Die Fabrication and Roll Form solutions, Evolve Group's sister company, Marco Engineering is well established with over 35 years experience in the industry. Marco partners with some of Australia’s largest and highly regarded product manufactures and retailers priding itself on offering true end-to-end product development capabilities.

    Whilst ensuring that Australian made products remain price competitive against imported goods, Marco offers a sophisticated array of plastic production and tooling capability from design to complete assembly right here at its Australian facilities thus eliminating overseas competition. Importantly Marco is well aware that part cost is just one piece of the overall picture and that the upfront capital cost in tooling is often a major barrier to a new product coming to life, this is why Marco offers mould fabrication in both its Australian facility and its sister factory in China, where all tooling is manufactured to strict quality standards at a fraction of the cost.

    Please contact Evolve Group today for more information on how we can help you with your existing or new product development and manufacturing needs.

  • CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

    Automated machining with proven results

    Evolve Group's manufacturing division, Marco Engineering offers a full range of CNC/EDM precision engineering services, comprising CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Lathe Turning, EDM Wire Cutting and EDM Eroding. Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) programs are programmed from a customers 2D or 3D CAD file. CAM programs are then directly downloaded to one of our CNC machines for automated machining.

    Automated workflow, and fast feed rates allow us to machine components efficiently and accurately for quick turn arounds.

    A wide range of materials such as aluminium, steel, hardened tool steel, stainless steel cast iron, brass, copper, polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, PET, nylon and more can be machined to suit your needs.

    Marco Engineering is an experienced Precision Technology Manufacturer specializing in precision tooling, automated manufacturing equipment, and prototypes requiring close tolerance. Our wire cut EDM services are perfect for tooling assemblies and EDM intensive component parts.

    Our staff of experienced machining professionals can assist you in solving the most challenging CNC machining and manufacturing tasks from complex 3-D machining to simple hole drilling and punching.

    Reverse engineering is also offered to create innovative repair options to create the best possible outcomes for your business and to keep you going. Simply chat to use about your requirements and the team at Marco will work with you to refine and improve your item.

  • Rollform Machining

    Rollform Machining

    Making complex problems simpler

    All equipment is designed and engineered to last. Marco Engineering rollformers have proven their durability and strength in application, with many years of low maintenance operation. The proof of Marco Engineering rollform equipment quality and performance lies in the depth of its customer base and the on-going business conducted with many customers. In Australia we have developed over 200 machines in the last 37 years.

    Marco Engineering manufactures rollforming machines to produce rollformed products for roofing, rainwater catchment, building construction and industrial applications. Profiles can be selected for gutters, fascias, cladding, battens, purlins and other sections from a wide range of existing profiles.

    Rollformers to produce customised profiles and products can be designed and manufactured on request. Likewise, rollformers can be customized to meet specific customer requirements such as multiple size profiles, variations of profiles or feed strip gauge within the same machine, or stacked rollformers.

    Control systems can be tailored to suit the product and production parameters. Cut-to-length, batching, hole punching, slotting, pre-cut, stop-to-cut or flying shear can be incorporated in machine control software. Punching stations and shear units are manufactured to suit.

    Marco Engineering can supply full rollforming lines including powered or unpowered decoilers, straighteners, accumulators and run-out-tables.

    Marco Engineering also designs and manufactures injection moulding tooling and has a large injection moulding division which can supply plastic moulded components such as gutter end caps and corners.

  • Rollform Machine Servicing

    Rollform Machine Servicing

    Keeping your machine reliable and profitable

    Marco Engineering has been in the business of developing and manufacturing rollforming equipment since 1978. As a service to our customers we offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program on a 3, 6 or 12-month basis according to the customer’s needs.

    Our team can work with you at your premises to provide trouble shooting, technical advice, modifications and process improvement to all brands of rollformers.

    Speak to Evolve Group today about how we can help you with:

    • Refurbishments
    • Repairs
    • Maintenance such as:
    • Lubrication
    • Alignment
    • Tooling
    • Spacers
    • Rollers
    • Blades
  • Plastic Injection Moulding

    Plastic Injection Moulding

    Australian made, quality plastics

    Evolve Group's manufacutring division, Marco Engineering’s plastic injection moulding division utilises a variety of injection moulding machines. The moulding department’s facilities are modern and well-equipped, with machines and support services arranged and installed to maximise production efficiency while maintaining clean operating conditions.

    With over 20 injection moulding machines operating 24 hours per day, Marco Engineering is able to meet demanding customer lead time requirements. Machine clamp force tonnage ranges from 50 to 1300 tons. All raw material is managed through a centrally feed silo system via an underground drying mechanism into machines to reduce cross contamination and create an optimal product.

    Highly skilled and trained moulding staff meet the extremely critical tolerances required by customers of both dimension and colour in high or low volumes. All injection moulding plastic resin applications can be processed, including rigid and flexible injection mouldings and products moulded in more demanding engineering grade resins. Gas-assist injection moulding equipment and experience exists to mould components with this technology.

    ISO9001 Quality systems are in place to ensure moulded products are produced to documented customer requirements. QA testing and monitoring of product quality is undertaken throughout production with constant quality auditing to ensure the highest standards are met.

    Marco Engineering’s warehouse and storage facilities enable safe storage and handling of customer dies and products.

  • Assembly


    Improving productivity and quality

    Our organisation provides assembly services across a wide range of products including from simple consumer manufactured items through to complete complex industrial assemblies.

    Marco Engineering offers robotic automation to keep costs down to give you the competitive edge by improving quality, reducing health and safety issues to improve your processes and reduce operating overheads.

    Assembly stations are managed by highly trained Quality Assurance Inspectors who ensure regular auditing for the highest of standards. Your QA needs can be tailored to your product with complete systems implemented to inspect products even hourly and matched to a master sample.

    Marco’s automated line assemblies are ideal for high volume quality assembly, saving you time, and keeping you flexible as you only need to assemble as much as your market requirements.

    Our team can also work with you to develop purpose built automation robots to match your process needs.

    For more sensitive items we also offer manual assemblies within a clean environment.

  • 100% Recycled

    100% Recycled

    One of the major problems caused by today's high living standards is the generation of waste. The recovered plastic used in our Polyslab products is manufactured from non-renewable fossil fuel resources. This maximises our recycling efforts multiplies our resource efficiencies and minimizes environmental damage. Polyslab products are manufactured from 100 per cent recycled material from the domestic and commercial waste stream. By not using virgin materials in the process we have reduced green house gas emission by 80 per cent.

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

    Evolve Group prides itself immensely on being an active member of the Australian Made Campaign. This is indicative of our commitment to producing high quality Australian products, using Australian resources and employees whenever possible. Consumers understand that when they buy Australian they are not only creating and maintaining Australian jobs, but they are also getting better products and better service. The logo we proudly display signifies products that Australians and consumers around the globe can buy with pride and confidence.

  • Quality Assurance Program

    Quality Assurance Program

    Our dedication to innovative design and customer service is met with equal vigour and commitment to our Quality Assurance Program. To ensure product design meets the end users requirements, all designs and prototypes go through comprehensive product testing, from design through to manufacturing.

    All product designs undergo evaluation from industry specific engineers and a variety of independent assessments such as testing by NATA approved laboratories using methods required for relevant industry standards or Finite Element Analysis (FEA) where possible. We source only the best quality raw materials, manufacture using state of the art equipment, employ a quality conscious team, and only send out products that exceed our stringent quality standards. These measures, whilst sometimes costly allow us to confidently stand by product design and specifications. This remains at the forefront of our commitment to quality assurance.

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