• Fast, Easy and Quality 'Kink-Free' Bends
Product Description

Polybender has been designed to offer the installer fast, easy and quality ‘kink-free’ bends. The tool has been specifically engineered for use as an internal copper tube bender and can handle intense repetitive stress due to sharp bends with no negative impact on the tool’s physical properties. Due to the low friction finish, extraction after bending is easy and your Polybender will provide fast and effective bends time and time again.

How does it work? The unique physical properties of each Polybender offer superior tube wall support resulting in the even dispersion of bend stress to prevent kinking. As the tube is fully supported by a solid insert there simply isn’t an option for kinking to occur. Obtaining that perfect bend radius is fast and easy with Polybender, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert Polybender past the desired bend point (approximately 300mm minimum)
  2. Bend the pipe to where it needs to be
  3. Extract. For super tight bends just back the bend off slightly for effortless Polybender release. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Polybenders are also perfect for rough-in installations where interference from other trade or site visitors all too often damages copper tube beyond repair costing significant time, money and frustration.

Each Polybender is packed in a high quality zip-seal bag as a purpose built and contaminant free storage case. Each Polybender is also packed with two Velcro holding straps to keep it neatly stored as a coil. A small bottle of mineral oil and cleaning cloth is also supplied as a complimentary cleaning kit. Note: Polybender will not require any cleaning under normal conditions.

Polybender is available in the following diameter sizes:


Each Polybender is three (3) metres in length and available from all leading HVAC wholesalers. Please contact the Evolve Group or your local HVAC wholesaler for more information.