Product Profile: Evo-Crete Lightweight Concrete Cable Ladder Blocks

Evo-Crete instantly alleviates issues associated with Occupational Health and Safety manual handling risks due to its lightweight and user friendly properties. Injuries such as strains, bruises, cuts, abrasions or jammed fingers are prevented as the immense weight of concrete blocks is removed from the job site.

Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks

Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks save time and increase productivity as there is no need for laboured crane operation to get a stable a durable foundation in place. As Evo-Crete is pre-cast and ready for immediate use there is no waiting for concrete to cure so the entire job can be completed in the same day. Evo-Crete reduces costs such as material, crane and operator, additional labour and injury costs. A slower installation process involving poured-on-site or craned-into-place concrete supports means more time and money.


Case Study


Current Projects

Project: Clare Solar Farm
Location: 35km south-west of Ayr, Queensland
Capacity: up to 150MW

Custom-made Evo-Crete Cable Ladder Blocks are currently being supplied to Clare Solar Farm Project in Queensland.

Working with Evo-Crete

Evo-Crete can be fabricated and modified with basic hand or power tools and can easily be cut & shaped to fit any application. Equipment can be attached to Evo-Crete via standard concrete fastening methods.

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