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Evolve’s invention portal is a secure and confidential channel for your idea or invention. Any ideas or concepts that you submit will be sent directly to our managing director Ty Hermans. Ty will review your submission personally before contacting you to further discuss your idea and where you would like to take it.

Your idea will be treated with confidence, professionalism and courtesy.

Intellectual Property Protection

Australia, USA & worldwide


With established personal relationships with IP attorneys in Australia and the USA, and vast experience with IP protection worldwide, Evolve can offer your idea protection with experience in patents, trademarks and design registrations.

Not all IP is about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on patents; IP is a lot more than that. Many ideas are left on the drawing board or don't even make it to market because of bad advice, or where the need to commercialise a project was lost in the quest to secure IP that was unnecessary or impractical. We know how to protect a product in the most cost effective manner and ensure that the most important protection is in place.


We specialise in taking concepts from prototype to market-ready products.

We have a stable of engineers specialising in industrial and mechanical engineering that can assist in bringing your idea to life.


Often the most overlooked stage of product development is funding, yet time and again it is proven to be the most important stage.

We can assist in this critical stage through referring you to areas of potential grants and assistance through the Australian Government as well as providing services for the development of crowdfunding campaigns (eg. Kickstarter, Indiegogo).

98% of our clients that have a form of funding in place, progress to the commercial development stage.


Probably the most important step in developing an idea is the process of commercialisation.

All too often a great idea is dragged through the expensive development stages with little thought of how the product will be commercialised.

From experience, we understand how important the final stages of product development are and we help you develop your product far beyond the way it looks and functions.

We will ensure the product we help develop has a market, and that we can get it into those markets thus ultimately ensuring you get the return on your investment you deserve.

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