Evolve Group Wins 2016 Good Design Award® of the Year


Brisbane Trumps Silicon Valley

We did it! Evolve Group are so excited to announce winning the prestigious Good Design Australia Award of the Year 2016!

Flow Hive took out this year’s top award for its beehive technology which delivers a glass of honey per week without needing to crack open a hive. As bees become threatened from the increasing use of pesticides, inventors Cedar Anderson and Stuart Anderson managed to come up with a way to bring beekeeping to our backyards in a way that is easy to manage and use.

Through Evolve Group’s focus in optimising product design for manufacturing, Evolve were able to support and keep the production of the amazing Flow Hive product in Australia. Since late 2015 we have produced more than 20 million parts in our Brisbane new product development facility, and have shipped finished product to over 128 different countries around the globe. Not to mention the huge positive impact on global bee keeping efforts and bee populations.

To put this in perspective, Evolve conquered international superstar product submissions from the likes of Tesla, Google, Ford, Miele, Nespresso, Pepsi, Braun, Ryobi and hundreds more to win the top award.

This is an amazing success story for Australian design and manufacturing and puts Brisbane on the global map.

Congrats again to all of the other winning entries and we are looking forward to the year ahead and our next challenge.


A Flow Frame consists of partly formed honeycomb cells. The bees complete the comb then fill and cap the cells as usual. A lever is turned to split the cells vertically, allowing the honey to flow down and out of the hive without disturbing the bees or requiring any processing. – Good Design Awards 2016

Products submitted:

Flow Hive: https://www.good-design.com/entry/flowhive/

TRED Pro: https://www.good-design.com/entry/tred-pro/

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