To introduce new methods,
ideas or products

Why innovate?

Innovation is synonymous with taking
risks and daring to be different

True innovation is at our core, to us there is no more important thing than to
innovate in everything we do.

Furthermore, we don’t subscribe to the status quo and we have an unwavering
belief in doing things differently.

Evolve was born out of a need to break down barriers, approach each and every task with a unique perspective, add value wherever possible, and to ensure we succeed or die trying.

How does it happen?

By truly understanding our customer and trade partner needs and desires we stand as experts.

We cut through the red tape in feasibility and probability by combining internal know how with close industry and customer relationships.

By embracing and developing new technologies, we remain at the forefront of worldwide trends assuring our cost effective and competitive edge.

Our success in bringing new products to market is achieved through our steadfast belief in adding value throughout the supply chain and knowing each and every step in the development and commercialisation process.

Our ability to take back of the envelope ideas and turn them into real revenue is what sets us apart.

What is it?

Our key strategic assets:

  • Australia’s leading plastic injection moulding, toolmaking, and roll form machinery facility
  • Australia’s preeminent New Product Development Center with world class prototype production and testing facilities
  • Australia’s only Evo-Crete lightweight precast concrete plant
  • Hong Kong based product sourcing operation
  • Established and wide reaching relationships with the largest retailers and wholesalers
  • Dedicated, connected and accomplished sales and marketing team
  • Stable of successful proprietary products that span a multitude of industries and continents across the globe

We are proud of our successes having more than 500 SKU’s available through over 10,000 outlets. We look forward to delivering what’s in the pipeline and further showcasing our ever-expanding capabilities.

Some of our biggest successes so far



Project Brief

To design and commercialise the worlds best selling Polymer Recovery Track Device


Non mechanical 4×4
off-road recovery aid

Concept to Market

5 months


Currently sold in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Middle East, Europe, South Africa


Off-road and 4×4 specialist stores, Big Box Retail, Automotive Retail, Boating, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor


Commercialised and by far the highest selling recovery aid of its kind in the world. Projected growth of 280% over 2 years



Project Brief

Design and commercialise the most cost effective Equipment Base on the Market


Air-Conditioner, Generator, Pump and General Equipment base

Concept to Market

9 months


Currently sold in Australia, New Zealand, North America. Pending in South America, South Africa and Europe


HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
Irrigation, Mining, Big Box
and Retail Hardware


Australia and New Zealand’s largest selling poly equipment base, market leader and highly respected product range.
Polyslab IP in the USA was aquired by Americas largest HVAC distributor in October of 2013



Project Brief

Save and resurrect Australia’s most iconic Brand of Pool Equipment


Pool and Spa, Pumps Filters and other Equipment

Concept to Market

12 months


Australia, New Zealand
South Pacific, Asia
Caribbean, Europe


Pool and Spa, Plumbing
Irrigation, Big Box
and Retail Hardware


Completed Aquisition in August 2013, back in full production and reestablished as a market leading brand, on target to re-establish itself as $28 million p.a revenue

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Our capability is vast and our hunger to grow is fierce. We’re
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